Let me just start of by thanking you for taking the time to look through my web site.

Hecho A Mano was born through a love for fine cigars and the sheer enjoyment that comes from the process of purchasing, storing and finally (the most important part) smoking a fine cigar.

Over the years I have found myself asking why there where so many quality brands of cigars out there that you just simply cannot buy here in Australia, so I decided to start the process of setting up a store where I could focus on what I have grown to love about the whole Cigar lifestyle, for me it’s not about sitting at a dark high rollers table in a $3000 suit drinking $200 per finger whiskey (an image that is all too regularly depicted of a cigar smoker), to me the enjoyment comes for sitting with a few good friends and relaxing with some good conversation and a fine stogy, or winding down after a hard day and letting all the stresses float away with the smoke from that first puff.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran cigar connoisseur or if you are just starting out, we at Hecho A Mano will do our best to cater to your tastes, preferences and needs, our aim is simply to make the process as enjoyable as possible.

If you have any questions, feed back, or requests we would love to hear from you. Get in Touch.

Thank you again for stopping by,

Ry LeFevre
Hecho A Mano

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